A new way of keeping an immutable record of your life experiences

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What Is a Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP)?

POAPs have emerged as a new way of keeping an immutable record of your life experiences, including virtual and in-person events.

A POAP is a unique NFT given to people to commemorate and prove they attended an event (virtual or physical). Often referred to as "an ecosystem for the preservation of memories," over time people can accrue a collection of POAPs to document their physical life experiences and activity through cyberspace.

POAPs for every spot!

How POAPs work

In essence, POAPs can almost be thought of as an upgrade to “checking in” or tagging a location/person on social media, as users don’t reveal any sensitive personal data by doing so.

Why you’d want a POAP

Although growing a collection of POAP badges can help people show off their decentralized identities, holders can also benefit from added financial and community perks.

Some brands use POAPs to reward and build closer, long-term relationships with their most dedicated members.

Some benefits include aspects such as:

More privacy

Given the constant violation of user data by centralized tech giants like Meta and Google, privacy is becoming increasingly valued around the world. In contrast to the public nature of social media, the underlying cryptography and decentralized network of POAP allows for people to collect and store life moments without giving up their civil liberties. Despite the fact that some entities can still reverse-engineer IP addresses that are connected to public wallets, at the very least a POAP badge doesn’t divulge any sensitive personal information on its own.

No more cumbersome mailing lists

For event organizers, POAPs can be a better way to manage subscriptions. As users store POAPs for future value and wide-reaching potential, an organizer can feel confident knowing they have a direct line with their audience and attendees rather than wasting time on emails with low engagement rates.

Ownership of limited edition assets

Similar to how physical memorabilia like tickets to the first-ever Beatles concert have become highly prized collector's items, so too can POAPs gain value through being tied to the legacy of historical events and cultural milestones. In the context of the metaverse, POAPs related to foundational technologies like Ethereum and its early in-person events could be in high demand due to the nostalgia and meaning shared between core contributors.

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