Ticketing NFTs

Tickets issued on the blockchain

Manage Tickets

Generate, manage and sell unique Tickets minted on the blockchain.

The evolution in ticketing

Digital smart tickets

The ticket is on the public blockchain. You have all the information during all the event. The ownership and every activity.

No more ticket fraud

Tickets are registered on the blockchain and stored on the smartphone wallet of the visitor's, making it impossible to fraud.

Powerful and innovative


Unlimited ticket types.

Save time and enjoy insights into your revenue payouts.


Full control on how and when tickets are sold. Set discounts for certain groups or use dynamic pricing for early bird, it’s up to you.

What is NFT Ticketing?

How does NFT work for Ticketing?

NFTs are unique digital tokens stored on a blockchain. Once they are created on the blockchain, they can be sold to customers digitally. Customers then store NFTs in a secure wallet (ex: Findify) that they can access on any device.

In the ticketing system, event organizers can mint the required number of NFT tickets on their choice of a blockchain platform. They can code the NFTs to set a sale price.

A buyer purchases NFT-based tickets directly from the ticketing company. On receiving payment, a smart contract triggers and a ticketing database sends an NFT ticket to the buyer.

Ticket owners can also resell NFT tickets if it is allowed. The ticket is stored in a smart contract. Once a buyer buys the ticket from the ticket owner, the smart contract triggers, and the payment is sent to the seller automatically.

What are the benefits of NFT ticketing?

NFTs can potentially transform the ticketing experience for both ticket buyers and organizers. Following are some of the main benefits NFT brings:

Preventing fake tickets and scams

Blockchain provides a trusted source for both ticket holders and organizers. The transfer of NFTs from the initial sale to resale is stored on the blockchain immutably so that all parties can prove the ticket’s authenticity. In cases where the resale of tickets is forbidden, NFTs can be developed as nontransferable, not to be moved to another buyer.

Reduce costs

Costs associated with selling and minting NFTs are negligible compared to the traditional ticketing system. You can produce an unforgeable ticket for less production cost, and customers and organizers can validate the authenticity of every ticket on the chain and track the history of ownership.

Quick production

Contrary to the traditional way of digitizing tickets, the approach to creating and minting NFTs in minimal time. NFT can be minted and ready to put for sale in less than a minute.

Perpetual revenue

Because programmable NFTs can have built-in rules for merchandise, content, resale, and royalty splits, it means that the organizer can analyze profit sharing percentages for future resale or creative content on secondary markets and receive funds knowing the tickets are unalterable within the NFT’s coding.

New revenue opportunities

NFT-based tickets act as programmable money, providing unlimited potential for new revenue opportunities, for example, the resale of NFT tickets as collectibles, using NFT tickets to provide food and drink deals, and rewarding fans who have gathered many event tickets.

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