Step by step – add new place to findify

This is a step by step guide, that will explain all the necessary steps for having your place on Findify.

After following this guide you will be able to have a fully functional place that you can use to engage your place story-telling.

1 – Register for a plan, you can start with the free #

Access website and choose a plan, or press start with our free plan:

You can choose your plan, or the free trial, here to (final page)

1.1 – Start to give a name to your place #

Choose the name of your new website and you see the url show automatly, next step, click the button.


1.2 – Define the basic informations #

Define the username, email, and password, and the “creat account”

After click on tab “create account”, you will receive in your email, the findify email with the links to acess the plattform Findify. If you stay in the page, the log in is automatic.

Welcome to your backoffice

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